About Us


Knickerbocker Tours is a tour operator based in Poughkeepsie, New York offering itinerary planning, tour director, and tour guide services across New York, the Empire State, from Niagara Falls  to New York's eastern bounds.

Pre-designed tour itineraries highlight both particular themes and a smorgasbord of all that New York has to offer. Custom-designed itineraries can be developed based on the interests of visitors and the amount of time they have available.

The rich history and natural beauty of New York are what keep Steve Adams, founder and owner of Knickerbocker Tours, in his home state.  Add to the history and beauty of the region the culinary landscape, the tradition of winemaking and the craft beverage explosion, the history and flowering of the arts, and an ongoing passion for land stewardship and environmental activism, and you understand why visitors really do ❤️ New York!

Whatever the focus, the goal of every tour is to have the visitor come away with a sense of place, of the people past and present, the stories, the events, the happening that is life in the Empire State.